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Welcome to Springs & Canopies

Here you will find a large selection of replacement swing canopies and springs along with a selection of Swing Cushion Covers and Frame Fittings.

Swing Canopies

Our swing canopies are available in either FLAT roof style or in ROUNDED roof style. Use the menu above to select the style you require.

Our cushion covers & canopies are made from 160G PA polyester, with 30+ UPF factor. They are not fade resistant.
160G PA polyester is water resistant fabric not water proof, only front side is PA coated. Water will slide from the PA coated side fabric in a rain shower, however in heavy rain when the swing canopy is already wet, there is likely to be some water seepage.

Heavy Duty Springs

Our springs are of the highest quality made with 6mm steel and are supplied either with Straight hooks of with 90 degree hooks. We supply 9.5cm springs and 12cm springs.

Cushion Covers

Available in a range of sizes and colours.

Frame Fittings

We are sorry but we are unable to provide replacement frames but our range includes Connection Fittings, Hanging Bars and Securing Screws.

Swing Canopy Variants

Our canopies are provided in two styles:

1. Flat Canopy

In a large range of sizes from 130cm width up to 240cm. Fitting is by the insertion of tubular frame sections with triangular pockets in the corners to hold the frame securely. The canopy has scalloped edging frill that goes all the way around.

Rounded Canopy Variations

We have three variations based upon major retailers products:

1) B & Q

In a wide range range of colours. Width is 195cm and depth is 125cm. Also available with Velcro fastening.

2) Aldi

Available in Black and Grey the length is 155cm and the depth is 120cm.

3) Argos

Also available in Black and Grey. Length is 196cm and depth is 124cm.

If you need a new Patio swing seat replacement cover, you are in the right place :)

Heavy Duty Springs

We supply two sizes: 9.5cm Spring and 12cm Spring. Both are available in either straight hook design or in 90degree hook design. They have a wide range of uses beyond the obvious Swing Canopy use: Punch Bag, Hammock, Racoon Chair, Wicker Basket, Egg Chair and many other sports equipment uses.

1) 9.5cm

Made from 6mm Steel and with a weight bearing load of up to 100Kg each.

2) 12cm

Made from 6mm Steel and with a weight bearing load of up to 150Kg each.

(OUT OF STOCK - coming soon)

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